Shorn Sheepskin Bean Bag

Shorn Sheepskin Bean Bag

Fibre by Auskin
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Fall into the comfort of our beautifully designed, luxury, naturally coloured, sheepskin bean bags.

Handmade from ethically sourced, super soft, natural brown, New Zealand sheepskin. Yes, that's right! NATURAL brown - this means that each bag is unique and no two will ever be the same! We think this makes them extra special.

Designed with your comfort front of mind, Fibre by Auskin's bean bags have been made to fit the contours of your body and to wrap you in a big furry hug - you really have to try it to believe it.

〰️  92cm x 92cm
〰️  We use only premium ethically sourced wool
〰️  Handcrafted from seven naturally coloured sheepskins
〰️  Comes pre-filled with polystyrene beans saving you the mess
〰️  Suede leather reverse